Angie Harmon Ripped Us Off!!!

My Aunt (who lives in Oklahoma) called and left us a message last week.

Now - bear in mind that she does not know that Angie Harmon lives in Charlotte or that we have passed her in the grocery store met her. 

My Aunt called to relate to me that she had been watching this TV show called "Rizolli and Isles" and in this one scene the cop (Angie Harmon's character) pulled up in her car beside her brother (a dog walker) who was walking the dogs down the street and she turned her siren on and her brother says:

"Turn that off, you're scaring Finn and Lola."


We think not. 

Clearly, Angie Harmon is exploiting living here in Charlotte and her close proximity to Chateau Bee Charmer - and RIPPING US OFF!!

Can you believe it?  

I mean how could that have just been some coincidence?  She must be a Bee Charmer fan.  There is just no other explanation!

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