Gone With the Wind

Ok - so I totally read Gone With the Wind last week. 

I really hadn't planned to add it to my (already personally ambitious) reading list - but you know, I just go crazy.

And no.  I had never read it before.  I think because I've seen the movie and I just assumed I'd be bored because I find the movie a little tedious. 

But I loved this book.  I did think some parts were a little long but I loved it.  I loved Scarlett.  I loved Rhett.  I loved Melanie.  I hated that little twit Ashley Wilkes. 

I also loved the minor characters that were either omitted entirely or skirted over in the movie.  I always liked Pittypat and it was so nice to have so much more of her in the book.  I also loved Will Benteen and Old Mrs. Fontaine (actually, she was my favorite).  

I have to say that I think it was probably pretty brave of Margaret Mitchell to write such a complicated and often unlikeable female character.  Man, Scarlett is a lot.  But I liked that she wasn't one dimensional and was so often 'unfeminine.'  I liked that I ended up admiring and appreciating her, even when I didn't like her very much. 

As for Rhett - well - I just sat and imagined that he looked like George Clooney the whole time.

Having seen the movie, I have to say that I was still surprised by the absolute brutality of Rhett and Scarlett's marriage.  I felt sorry for both of them.  They just ripped each other apart - their love couldn't overcome their lack of tenderness or sweetness for each other.  I found that really sad.  I wished that one of them could have given a little but she was clueless and he was afraid.  So they disintegrated.  I may have found it a little easier to take if Ashley hadn't been such a (well, pussy is the only word that comes to mind) but I'll just say such a wuss. 

I found the ending surprisingly satisfying. 

Going into the last couple of chapters, I felt like I would not be happy - in light of the wool finally coming away from Scarlett's eyes.  But I found it perfect and true to them.  I kind of hope they made it in the end. 

I know that there is a 'sequel' out there - but I haven't decided if I'll read it yet.  I think after 1000+ pages of Mr. and Mrs. Butler I'll let them sit for a while. 


  1. If you liked this book, do NOT read the sequel. It blows. Margaret Mitchell was pressured to write one and refused. Ultimately the greed of her heirs won out. A very sad thing.

  2. I had heard that the sequel was - how shall we say, not very good....

    I'm pretty sure I won't look at it. But thanks for confirming my suspicions!


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