Due to Hurricane related cancellations, we were able to score a lunch reservation at Husk in Charleston.

Score one for Irene!

For those of you who haven't heard, Husk was recently named the 'Best New Restaurant in the Country' by Bon Appetit Magazine.  I also was particularly proud because their chef (and apparent culinary wunkderkind) is up from my neck of the woods in Southwest Virginia.... 

In a word - Oh. My. God.

I know - it's three words but I couldn't do it in one. 

First of all - they brought us homemade rolls with sesame seeds on top and little bites of salt and the butter!  The butter was mixed with rendered bacon fat...  That's right - they mixed butter and bacon together!  Genius!  Why had I never thought of that???

Then for lunch we had a 'cheeseburger'  but that title really doesn't do it justice. 

Y'all - they grind up bacon and mix it in with the hamburger meat and then fry it... bacon IN the hamburger!  Again - Genius!!!

It was so, so good.  A bacon extravaganza!

I can't stop thinking about it....  I also basically haven't stopped oozing bacon out of the pores in my face since last Friday.  It's a good thing Charleston is 200 miles away - is all I am saying.

But I would eat one every day if I could do it and still, you know, not weigh 400 pounds.

Also, the building was absolutely lovely.  Just beautiful -

And the service was amazing.

Go!  As soon as possible! 

And make sure you make a reservation - well in advance....


  1. I've just added Husk to my list. Your last recommendations were divine, and I can't wait to try this one :) We're headed back to Chraleston Sept 23-26!


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