Happy Monday


I'm back from the beach!  I'm so happy to be home and I so wish I was still there - at the same time.  I hope one day to have enough money to go for 2 weeks in a row AND to be able to take the Beans with me. 

A girl can dream, right? 

I've got court this week, book club and a (much needed) facial on Thursday night. 


I hope those of you on the East Coast are safe and dry after this weekend's big storm.  I was lucky enough to have avoided most of it and I have to say that I enjoyed the part I got.  Nature is amazing and sometimes we can be lucky enough to get a glimpse of how powerful it is.  I got that peek last week and I am grateful. 

xoxo - Tonya
Image:  Blush by Vanilla Extinction.

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  1. Hope you ate well! Look forward to hearing more about your trip.


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