Happy Monday

Oh -

This post fills me with guilt.

I did NOTHING very exciting this weekend.

I cleaned the house, did the laundry....

On Saturday I ran around town (more about that on Wednesday).

Sunday my parents stopped by on their way from the beach and we hung out and had lunch.

But other than that, I read my book.

I know, so boring.  But it's SOOOOOO hot outside and I just want to read.  So not very exciting.

In upcoming news - most of the other lawyers in my office are on vacation this week and I am holding down the fort.  Yay!

I have some Court around, including a trip to the big city of Lincolnton to answer the calendar on Thursday afternoon - which I am SUPER excited about because there is the BEST used book store in Lincolnton and I'm making a stop before I come back to Charlotte.

Also - I am going to see Kings of Leon on Friday night - assuming they make it after their debacle in Dallas last Friday night.  Apparently they don't know that alcohol + heat may equal NASTY HEAT STROKE!  Seriously.  I had a friend who ended up a week in the hospital that way once.  This heat is no joke.

So thanks for stopping by - lets hope for a good week.


Image:  Back to School by Raceytay.

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