Happy Monday

Look at this print!  Isn't it gorgeous? 

First, let's get right down to it:  The. Wedding.

I have to say that since the breakup I have had a very scroogie attitude about weddings.  But I loved this one.  They seem truly in love and the wedding was lovely.  I actually teared up as her father was walking her down the aisle. 

I thought the dress was beautiful and entirely appropriate.  I had kind of hoped that she might make a 'statement' with it, but now, I'm sort of glad that she didn't.  This isn't the only dress she'll ever wear.  She can make her statements later on. 

I think she and William will be a little bit more of a traditional and low key couple and I think the dress was in keeping with that.  I do wish she'd worn her hair up.  I think her over all 'look' would have been more successful if she had - but that's just my opinion. 

And I think her sister's bridesmaid dress rather elevated the whole thing.  I think it was a harbinger of things to come with Catherine....

And then we move on the the subject of the hotness that is Prince Harry - he gets his own post, though. 

I had an otherwise pretty relaxing weekend.  I hung out with my darling friend on Saturday and we had such a long and lovely lunch at Cafe Monte - which may be my new favorite place.  It's kind of like I get to go to Paris for an hour and eat - without that tedious 9 hour flight. 

And, by the way, I am SO looking forward to my upcoming Paris trip.  Soon! 

Anyway - in the meantime, we have to work. 

Work, work, work. 

Somebody has to pay to keep these Beans in the manner to which they have become accustomed.

So I hope we all have a wonderful week.  Smoochies to you all!!
Image:  Symmetry by Image by Ann Marie.

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