Royal Pretty Man


I mean.....

I feel like I should say something wholesome about him.

I remember when he was a baby for heaven's sake!  I used to love him because of his red hair and I love red headed babies.  I figured he'd grow up to be the short, balding, less-attractive brother...

But now....

Now, I just want to peel him out of that flight suit.  And that uniform for that matter.

I mean, he's at the wedding and I'm thinking "That's nice.  Now, take all your clothes off."

I was thinking about popping those buttons off!

And not in a wholesome way!

Wait.  Um,  what was I saying?

The mind boggles with lust!  I literally can not say anything about this boy that is not entirely inappropriate! Dirty, even.

And the thing is, I don't think he'd mind.  I think he's probably a naughty one.



  1. Oh yes, I suspect he's quite naughty :) I have so enjoyed watching both of them become who they are. Both charming, but oh so very different!

  2. I'm sorry. Umm. What now?? I know you probably wrote stuff on this post...but I've gone back like half a dozen times now and still can't make it through the yummy, yummy pictures.

  3. It's hard to be intellectual in the face of those shoulders...


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