Happy Monday!


How are y'all?

I am happy to be back.

I had a great trip but came home with the Parisian crud - which I think was a cross between a minor cold and a severe allergy attack which then morphed into (what I believe to be) a sinus infection.  I'm calling the doctor today!  I want antibiotics!!!!

Seriously, I was totally dead last week and spent three days in bed sleeping.  Blech!

I had seriously thought I would come home, sleep for a few hours and then take Charlotte and this blog by storm.

I failed!  Miserably!

My butt was in the bed!   Completely knocked down by a head cold. 

I hate being sick.

Hate.  It.

I don't soldier through.  I'm a total pansy.  I go to bed and whine.   I'm STILL whining.  If I didn't have Court this morning, I would totally call in sick. 

Oh well - 

So I'm still under the weather but I hope to feel back to myself soon.

We're having some staff changes in my office which stresses me out a bit and then we've got all the usual nonsense...  Sometimes it's not very fun to be a lawyer if you're me.   But somebody's got to pay the bills around here and it's me.  But I have great faith that antibiotics can put me to rights and get rid of this horrible sinus headache that I've had off and on for DAYS.....

In the meantime, I'm doing a little travel series this week.  It was a little more manageable than throwing all the pictures at you at the same time.

So thanks for stopping by!  Sorry for the whining and I hope you enjoy the week.

xoxo -  Tonya
Image:  Peony Shadow by Judy Stalus Photography.

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