Paris - Part IX

On Sunday we walked down to the Luxembourg Gardens - only about a 5 minute walk from our hotel...

It was awesome.  It is my new favoritest place in the world.

Specifically, I loved the Medici Fountain.   It was originally built in 1630.  That's personally a little hard to wrap my head around.  Basically, this fountain is older than our ENTIRE COUNTRY... 

If I lived in Paris, I would go to the Medici Fountain every day.

I would have my own little green chair there.  I would not share it with anyone else.

This guy was both scary and a little hot, at the same time.

Basically, this garden shows what I love about Paris.  People were hanging out, barefoot, reading, eating, kids were playing, dogs were laying around.  One lady and her husband brought supper and their poodle and she unpacked him his own little water dish and they had a picnic.

Finn and Lola would dig that.  They would also herd all those children around.

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