New Year's Resolutions

So -

It's almost February and here I am, ready to reveal my New Year's Resolutions!!!

Can I just tell y'all that I was NOT excited about New Years this year. 

I am usually SO psyched for it and this year I was just like -

'Eh.  Whatever.'

The only reason I can determine for my lack of excitement and optimism is my feeling that we are all trapped and enmeshed in this never ending shit hole of an economy.  And without getting political, I am so aggravated with ALL OF THEM about it: 

The Democrats.  The Republicans.  Bank of America.

All.  Of.  Them. 

Anywho -

Here are all FIVE of my New Year's Resolutions.  I really only have 3 so I made the other 2 up:

1.  Read all the Books on my reading list - which I blogged about here.

2.  Balance my work and my personal life in a better way:

Last year was professionally miserable!  And I tried to be a hardened professional and push through it, thinking that if I just made it a little farther, it was bound to get better... and then it didn't.  And I was emotionally and mentally exhausted and forlorn.  I was FORLORN, y'all!
This year I've already scheduled my vacation time so that I can get meaningful breaks more often and hopefully, I won't get as torn up as last year.

3.  Finish up all the stuff in Chateau Bee Charmer that it as the tippy top of my to-do list.

This one, I'm pretty excited about.  We're talking painting, tiling, cleaning and new bedding and furniture in both guest rooms.  Most of it is kicking off in February but I'm going to be speaking about it in the weeks that come.  Suffice it to say that by mid-March we should be ready to rock around here!  The furniture has all been ordered and the bedding is coming this week!  Yay!

4.  Work out more.  This was one of my resolutions last year.  I failed miserably!

5.  Try more new things. 
I know.  This one is vague and overly broad (to use lawyer terms) but I want to push myself out of my comfort zone more often.  I want to say yes more often, even to those things which scare me.  I don't expect to do a whiz bang job of this one but I'm willing to try.  
So that's it!  That's all I've got!

What about y'all?  Anybody got any super terrific resolutions this year?  Do tell.
Image:  New Years Winter Ice by Madden Photography.

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  1. Those are good resolutions! And I love the one about trying new things. I think that's on my list too. My big resolution is to get into a size 8. I'm a ways away but I've been working out like crazy and eating right so I'm on the right path. :)


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