This Charming Handbag

I am so in love with this bag!

I wasn't planning on buying anything else.  I'm putting money in the house this spring, which I'll blog about when I get some gumption.  

And then I got a Random Email about the Reed Krakoff after-Christmas sale.   I swear - I'm not even sure how I got on their email list, other than they're connected to Coach.  

Anywho - I went to look - just for funsies - and voila!  New Reed Krakoff in the house!

Now, I wouldn't have paid full price for this bag.   At least that's what I started out telling myself and I'm still not able to say one way or another - but it's deceptively gorgeous and the leather is the best thing I think I've ever put my hands on.  

If you're not on Reed Krakoff's email list - go sign up.  The sale was wonderful and I'm in love with this bag.

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