This Charming Face

So it turns out that despite my fabulous new multi-focal contact lenses, I still sometimes need readers anyway.  

I have problems at work on particularly tiny type and also at night, in restaurants, when the lights are low and my eyes are already tired. 

Thank goodness, Kate Spade makes readers that are so cool and pretty that it almost makes you not care why you need the damn things to begin with! 

I have a pair in my bag and another at my office.  I got these, the Willa in pink/red for the office.  I figure the law will be improved if I view it through rose colored glasses. 

And the other cool thing I found out is that the purchase of readers is covered under your flexible spending account (if you have one).  This really saved me last year because I had about $50.00 left that I had to use or lose. 

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