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Happy New Year!

Did you miss me?

I just want y'all to know that while the other puppies were celebrating New Year's Eve with candy and rawhides and pig ear treats (or so we heard), our Mama made us go to the spa and have baths.

On New Year's Eve!

We said "We don't like baths, Mama.  We like being dirty and stinky and tracking red mud all over the house."

Actually, I said that.  Lola isn't quite as committed to stinkiness as I am - she's never any help when I'm trying to talk sense to Mama .....

But Mama said she didn't care.  She said we were stinky little disgraces to pure bred dogs and that all of our fuzz all over the house was causing her to lose her mind and that we had to go and take our baths.

So we had to go.

*heavy sigh*

Just because you have to take a bath at the nicest spa in town doesn't mean that it's any less of a bath. 

But just as soon as I got home I went right back outside and rolled in something smelly.  Mama says it's because I'm contrary. 

I just say that she ought to know by now that you can't stop a corgi bent on mischief.

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