This Charming Closet

Ok - so I'm OBSESSED with this outfit.

Like dreaming about it at night - especially the boiled wool jacket.

Damn you, Rooney Mara's stylist!!!!!

I made up my mind to track the jacket down and had decided that if it was the least bit within my realm of affordability, I was going to BUY IT!

Damn it.

The shoes and bag were easy to track down - Balenciaga.  I can live without them or at least find reasonably affordable alternatives.

The circle scarf around her neck is from American Apparel.... Rooney's nod to affordability.  Whatev...

The damn coat.  My love.  The thing I've been dreaming about - I finally tracked it down after about a week of dedicated surfing (you can tell I don't have kids, right?)

Givenchy.  Originally $2420.00 (!) and on sale for the low, low price of $969.00.

On sale for $969?!?!?!?  

Damn.  I hate it when stuff is 60% off and I STILL can't afford it.

The sad, sad thing is that I have a cropped, green, boiled wool jacket from Talbot's that's hanging in my closet RIGHT NOW and I still want THIS ONE.

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