Happy Monday

Here's what happened here this weekend:

Saturday -

Errands run (including Home Depot, Capitol (for candles) and Harris Teeter

Chick Fil A was eaten at lunch

Naps were taken

Puppies were walked

Our neighbors' cat, Pepper, escaped his harness and crept around out back, taunting Finn until it started to rain at which time he tried to INVADE OUR HOUSE!   Two Beans were NOT HAPPY about that.  I had to take him home...

'The Sound and the Fury' was read voraciously until I passed out from exhaustion around midnight.

Sunday -

Up early - couldn't wait to get back to Faulkner.



Puppies walked in the rain

Beef Bourguignon was cooked.  I flamed the Bourguignon!  And I didn't burn the house down!

'The Sound and the Fury' was finished and parts of it were re-read.  OMG, y'all.  I've been so afraid of this book for so long and I cannot believe how amazing it was.  I can't believe I understood it!  I'm so proud!


The Week -

I have court this morning.  And work last week was a bit of a bear, so I'm hoping it won't be so tiresome this week.  Dontcha hate it when your job bugs?

I have an appointment for a facial on Monday night!  Yay!!!

Tuesday night is book club - we're discussing "Girl in Translation". 

And I don't know anything after that....

Thank you all for stopping by!

xoxo - Tonya

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