This Charming Closet

I love easy little dresses that look cute without having to hold your stomach in. They are the holy grails of my shopping experiences....

A month or so ago, I saw little Miss Reese Witherspoon in this cutesy little number. I was smitten! I had just returned a similar dress to Target because it was so thin as to be see through and obscene and it didn't fit me well. This one was exactly what I was looking for so I immediately went looking for it with absolutely no success.


But then I was saved by People Magazine On-line and their "You Asked, We Found" column.

It's from Imogene + Willie, a little Nashville boutique...

It's the Gladys Chambray dress, named after the owners' grandma, as is the whole store. Although they describe it as 'gray' it is a true denim blue, as it appears in the picture where Reese is wearing it. 

I believe that my friends will grow tired of it as the summer wears on....  but I don't care.  I think I'm in love.


  1. I need that. Now I have to figure out what size. I find S, M, L to be difficult!

  2. I ordered a small which appears to be about a 2/4 (or whatever passes for that these days) and it just fits. Does this help?

  3. Do you know that I found 2 of these little frocks at Old Navy? The buttons do go all the way down the front, but they were $15.00 each! Of course I had to purchase them immediately.

  4. Cool! I wish I could have some luck at Old Navy but it just never fits me. And I can't wear buttons all the say down. I know because I tried FOR YEARS!! It just don't work out for me!!!


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