Requiem for a Lawyer

This is from my friend Amy's blog...

She's a much better writer than I am.

Just so you know, I've known four lawyers who've killed themselves since I started practicing law....
Image:  Twisted Wreath by tammietammietammie.


  1. That was such a shocking post! I had no idea lawyers were at such a risk of suicidal tendencies. It's awful.

  2. When I went to Law School, on the very first day, they put us all in an assembly hall. The first person got up to speak and said "Alcoholism, Divorce, Suicide." before going on to tell us that these are the things we had to look forward to in the practice of law. Those were the first words I heard in law school.

  3. I always heard that psychologists/phychiatrists are high risk. And when you think about it, lawyers tend to spend the emotional times with their clients. Whether its divorce, criminal, or even just buying/selling corporations. All very stressful. I can understand how lawyers could fall into this group. Although, I don't really understand suicide.

    At all.

  4. Thanks Madam Bee Charmer for the link to my blog, and the props. I humbly suggest that I am not such a good writer, but am an avid reader and have picked up some word useage along the way. I am still really struggling with the loss of my friend. Really. I forced myself to do a happy post today. Fake it 'till you make, my dad always says. Go and charm more bees.

  5. T from Desperately Seeking Seersucker introduced me to your blog, and I had to say thank you for linking to this post. It was something I needed to read today and I wouldn't have found it without the wonderful network of my fellow bloggers.

    So thank you.

  6. I'm glad it helped you. I'm sure Amy would be glad as well.


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