Politics and the Single Southern Girl - Vogue Edition

Last weekend, I read (with great interest) the profile of Syrian first lady, Asma al-Assad in Vogue's March issue.

And I think my theory has been proven right....

Vogue is willing and able to take that which is bloody, brutal, intrinsically horrifying and oppressive and spin it into acceptability and even admiration so long as it is wrapped in a pretty enough package.

Mrs. al-Assad's husband is a brutal dictator, crushing political opposition through torture, oppression and forced 'disappearances'.  She is his lovely, thin, educated and stylish accomplice.

I was left wondering if Vogue, Anna Wintour and Joan Juliet Buck really believe the stuff they dished out in this article or if they just want to believe that they can get us to believe it.  Syria is safe, progressive and culturally neutral?  A secular government encouraging political participation among all its citizens?  Really?

Not according to Human Rights Watch....

I'm really, really disappointed in this magazine.  I came away from it pretty sure that if Eva Braun and Adolph Hitler were alive today, Anna Wintour would give them a glowing recommendation, so long as he looked good in jeans and she was wearing this year's Chanel.

Shame on Vogue!  


  1. Style over substance! I haven't read this month's Vogue yet so now I am especially interested.

  2. Totally! I think the WSJ recently wrote an editorial on this ludicrous Vogue piece.

  3. I really think that Anna Wintour should be fired for this. It's offensive.


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