Oscar Winning Random Pretty Man

I think we've had pretty men who've won Oscars before.....

But Colin Firth looked particularly pretty when he won his, didn't he? 

I'm obsessed with the studs on his shirt....


  1. Details...as always! {I really do admire that about you...I am going to work on looking at the small things in life.}

  2. He has gone from being "my boyfriend Colin Firth," (much like "my boyfriend Ryan Reynolds," or "my boyfriend Jesse L Martin",) to being "my Academy-award-winning boyfriend Colin Firth," which I think has a much better ring to it!

  3. He is hooooot. Ever since I saw him in Pride & Prejudice (the PBS version) I have loved him, to the point I wanted to name our puppy Colin. Got shot down on that one though.


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