This Charming Handbag

The last time I was in Paris, I just so happened to swing by the Salvatore Ferragamo store and lust for the pretty, pretty handbags.

Alas, they were (and still very much are) mostly out of my league.

Yeah, I'm bitter about that.  I deserve luxurious leather as much as the next girl.

But it also just so happens that his Continental Wallet is in my price range and further benefits from an encouraging exchange rate conversion if I buy it in Paris......

That's pretty good... since I'm



And since I'm gonna be there anyway...........

Yeah, you all see where this is going.

I don't care.  The rule for shopping overseas is that you buy stuff that you can't buy at home and I think this falls into the latter category, internet ordering notwithstanding - since it isn't nearly as fun to say "Oh, I ordered it on the internet" as it is to say "I bought it the last time I was in Paris".

It may be shallow and a tad pretentious but I don't care - I'm gonna do it anyway.

And I love a beautiful wallet most of all.

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  1. Buy it! Defintely. Every time I travel abroad I come back with a handbag. I bought a gorgeous leather doctor bag at Libery of London, and a to die for green ostritch handbag in Florence. I find I enjoy them much more than a t-shirt saying I Love Whatever :)


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