Happy Monday


I'm back!

Did you miss me? 

I hope somebody is still with me.

I'm sorry I had to duck out - I've had a lot going on since I got home from France and I've been really overwhelmed, exhausted and struggling.  Lots of stuff at work, a horrible sinus infection, body aches and really just feeling sad and blah.  I'm attributing it to a conflagration of shit that (thankfully) doesn't hit me all that often but when it does - man, it's a lot.  And I just didn't have the energy to blog.

But I am feeling better and I hope to be getting back on track.

In the meantime, other than just maintaining the status quo, not much has been going on here.  I've been going to work, tending the Beans and generally slogging through stuff. 

Looking forward, I've got a few little projects going on here at Chateau Bee Charmer that I'm hoping to share soon.  They're all half finished right now and I hope they'll be further along toward the end of the week and I'll be able to start sharing them.  

I also got a new iPhone (finally) which I've been enjoying so much.  The Droid battery was dying and I just didn't want to wait anymore.  Between you, me and the lamp post, I'm glad I went ahead and got one.  There are lots of fun apps and lots of cool things to do.  It's really been a lot of joy to me and that may sound silly - but it's true.  And I got a white one.  I didn't really even want a white one - I asked for the black but they didn't have one.  Now, if I had wanted the white phone it would have been back ordered to the end of the universe.

That's the way my life works. 

*heavy sigh*

So stick around.  We have a powder room update coming soon.  I know, I know - you don't believe me.  But this time I'm serious.  I already started painting it.  But then I crapped out. 

I got one coat of primer on and decided to call in the professionals. 

In my defense about this, I have painted everything in my house that I can paint, but I can't reach the ceiling in there and the light fixture needs to be removed (which I can't do) - so I'm calling my guy.  The room is too small for the paint to be a mess so I'm getting a person who can do it right. 

But I'm super excited about the paint I've chosen.  It's either going to be glorious or a complete nightmare.  I've decided I have to go for it in case it's glorious.  I'd always wonder otherwise. 

That's how I'm trying to live now - trying for glorious while understanding that it may not work out.  I have to believe it's worth it to take the chance.  And powder room paint seems to be a pretty safe way to try to walk the walk...

So thanks again for coming by. 

xoxo - Tonya
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  1. We all go through those moods. It's no fun, but I'm glad to see you are back. And my fingers are crossed for glorious! Definitely worth a shot ...

  2. I'm glad you are back! Sometimes you just have to have a break.


  3. So glad you are back! I've been on a blog break off and on for over a year...sometimes you just have to step back. Right now I have mono (of all things) so that's my excuse for not blogging....


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