Happy Monday

Here is what happened here this weekend:

Sleeping late.

Downloading episodes of 'The Closer' on iTunes.

Light dusting and vacuuming.


Great dinner with good friends on Saturday night.


Hanging out on the patio.

Target, West Elm, Barnes & Noble and the Teeter.

Bean walks, Bean smoochies and Bean snuggles.

Hot baths with bath salts and lots of bubbles.  

Some Nutella was involved.  

Started a great, fun, summer time book.  

How's that?  

We're heading into a long weekend, my darlings!  Just in time!

xoxox-  Tonya 

Image:  Groove Is In The Heart by Sparks of Fire.

1 comment:

  1. What a positively dreamy weekend filled with some of my favorite things.


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