Wednesday - Run Away Without Leaving Home

I'm lusting for Charleston. 

Just so ya know.

When I win the lottery I am SO buying a Pied a` Terre down there!
Image from here.


  1. Yeah it's ok. Unless you do live downtown in what is quintessential old-world Charleston...then you are out in the suburbs like me..which is like any other 'burb in any other town. Not knocking my town..just saying. When I lived in the Upstate & out of state...Charleston was soooooo my greatest guilty pleasure. I could stroll downtown for hours on end & soak up the ambiance & history. Now that I live here - it's where I live.
    I do however LOVE LOVE LOVE the new big bridge. I spend way too much time on that bridge - keeps me healthy.

  2. I'm coming down there for a week in August. SO excited.


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