This Charming Handbag

So one thing that I totally crapped out on in Paris was my search for a new wallet.

I had hoped to love the Salvatore Ferragamo that I found on line, but when I actually did find it in Paris - I didn't love it.

Back to the drawing board....

I swung by Coach a couple of weeks ago while shopping with The New Mrs. Barr and I discovered that I rather like their new Kristin Slim Envelope wallet.  I like the size and I'm kind of in love with the leather and the hardware.

So I got one. 

Problem was, I got home and the leather had a flaw (or rather was sewn wrong)...  So it had to go back.  And the only other one they had was the floor model and it looked worn.

So two weeks later - I've ordered one.  Hopefully, it'll be here soon.

If nothing else, it will look great with my Kristin Leather Hobo!

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