Wednesday - Run Away Without Leaving Home

I hope to go on a safari before I die.....

Of course, I realize that my current idea of 'roughing it' is having to share a room at the Hyatt and I am unable to withstand the mosquito assault on my patio.  I will definitely have to toughen up...

But I can still dream about it.
Image from here.


  1. At least you know you have a long way to go!

  2. Me too! I actually got a travel book for a 2 week safari in Tanzania, ending with 4 days on the beach in Zanzibar from Thompson Travel. The "tents" are off the ground and air conditioned. I think it sounds lovely. Now, if I could just find about $16,000.

  3. I looked into it once, too. The price is a real kicker and also I was a little worried about flying around in the little African puddle-jumpers. Oy!


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