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Do you guys have ANY idea how much I think about handbags? 

Is is weird?  If it is, I don't care.  I love them so much. 

Here are a few current favorites - nothing exotic and they're all pretty similar....

First up - the Kate Spade Vanston Maryclare - very simple, very classic, very roomy.  It'll be beautiful forever.  And Kate Spade has good sales. 

Lately I'm loving Tory Burch more and more.  I have never purchased one of her handbags, but it's only a matter of time.  She has 2 that I'm currently in love with. 

First, the Robinson Tote - it couldn't be more perfect if it tried.  Sleek, beautiful, classic and in several delicious colors.  My only criticism (and why I really haven't bought one) is that its too big for my needs.  And I know she makes a smaller one but I want it in Poppy Red (to match my wallet) and I can't find one in captivity!!!!

And this one is new for fall, the Tory Burch Tallis Satchel.  Y'all, I've never met a satchel that I didn't love...

Then we have the first arrivals from Coach's Chelsea Collection - to be more fully introduced this fall.  I have been shopping for a Luggage colored bag for YEARS.  Years.  I'm heading over to check this one out as soon as possible because nobody does 'Luggage' like Coach.  This is their Chelsea Leather Satchel:

And finally, Rebecca Minkoff's new Cupid bag.   Kick ass leather and mouthwatering hardware.  This woman hits it out of the park!

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