The Weekly Bean

You're not gonna believe this!

On Tuesday night, we had a thunderstorm.

I was hiding under the bed upstairs on duty protecting the bedrooms from Hottentots, when Lola alerted me that our back yard was under attack!

I came running down the steps just in time to catch our arch-nemesis, Pepper the Cat, trying to break into our house through the French doors!!

Look at that!

Can you believe the gall?

We barked and growled and made "strange noises" (according to Mama - but she didn't understand we were speaking 'cat'.)

And even though we warned Pepper in no uncertain terms, he just kept sniffing around all over our patio!

We have never been so disrespected in our lives!

And THEN to add insult to injury, our Mama would not let us go outside and deal with the situation! 

Can you believe it?  

I mean, PEPPER'S Mama let him out to play attack us during the thunderstorm!

We told Mama that, too.

But Mama said she didn't care what Pepper's Mama does and she would not let us go out.

*heavy sigh*

We wonder if other corgi's Mamas are as mean and unreasonable as ours' is....


  1. You need to write a book about the Beans. Your interpretation of their voice is hilarious!

  2. I do think that other Corgi's mamas are probably as mean as yours. I know my Westie would probably tell you I'm even MORE mean than your mama.

    If only you little ones could understand that we are just trying to protect our babies. Because IF (and of course this would never happen) Pepper the cat, or the lightning, or anything else ever hurt you we would be devastated. And that's just not okay :(


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