Celebrity Thoughts

*heavy sigh*

Julia Roberts needs a stylist.  And it's not like she can't afford it.  I mean, really.

If she's already over such an enormous betrayal after such a long relationship and marriage, she never loved him to begin with.  It's only been 4 months.  Geesh. 


Imagine your fiance and then some random guy you work with and then imagine posing for this picture with them. 

I must be getting old because I just find this vulgar, gratuitous and offensive. 

Rachel Zoe is several years younger than I am..... 

*heavy sigh*

She makes me feel like my Aunt Lieta, who had a burning need to feed you until you popped....  I just want to give her green beans (spiked with bacon grease) and cornbread.  


  1. Rachel Zoe is far too thin. She looks years older than her actual age...needs to put on a few lbs. so her face doesn't look so drawn.

  2. Wait- love the bless her heart comment! What does it really mean? I know you're southern, but do you really mean 'bless her heart' or is it more like 'oh, that poor sad deranged soul'. I am intrigued by the 'bless her heart' expression. Maybe that could be an entire post in and of itself!

  3. I hardly think you can believe a headline on People Magazine with regard to Sandra Bullock's state of mind. If moved on means grocery shopping, spending time with your adopted child and going about your day to day then certainly yes, but who knows what's going on in private.

  4. Even with an interview... I don't believe one word printed in tabloid magazines.

    And... what does she want to say, she's devastated, can't help from crying multiple times a day etc. etc. etc. If she says that, the magazines will be all over it and debating about how this is impacting her child, her career etc.

    It's a no win situation for her.


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