Happy Monday


It's Monday again. 

I had crazy Tonya weekend.  It still happens from time to time.  I hate it, but you know, I was born to suffer certain amounts of unreasonable anxiety.  I'm not sure why it happens on the weekends.  Sometimes I think it happens at other times, but the requirement that I get up and get myself to work mitigates it, as opposed to having the ability to stay home by myself and hunker down - which is what I do when it hits on the weekend. 

Not so much that I did that. 

In fact, I went on about my business for the most part.  I had dinner with friends on Saturday and brunch with another friend on Sunday.  I also cleaned out a significant portion of my garage - which is exciting to me.  Basically, I had decided that the unswept, dog hair corroded, still full of crap from when I moved almost 3 years ago garage just wasn't good enough for the new car.  So I straightened it up a bit and swept it out.  There is still work to do.  The stuff I am selling on Craigslist and the stuff I am consigning and some stuff that needs to go to the dump is still out there.  But it's a significant beginning, which should always be celebrated. 

I also, with the help of darling, charming and wonderful friends, got the garage door opener on the car programmed.  Now, I can just push the button on the car and the garage door opens.... It's like magic!  Except, you know, it's not.  But still.....

But the anxiety was there, all weekend.  I suppose the good news is that I soldiered on.  That probably wouldn't have been true before.  

So Labor Day weekend is coming up!  Yay!  I don't know what I'm gonna do, but I feel strongly that sleeping will be involved.  

Thanks for stopping by and let's have a good week!
Image:  Apple Pair by 1doordown Photography.


  1. What you need is a cat... seriously. Mom gets a little anxious sometimes, too. It's a little help for her when I sit near her and I let her pet me. I know you have your corgis... cute. Still, you need a cat. You know, that's only my objective point of view.

  2. I am terribly allergic to cats! It came on in my old age. Otherwise, I might very well have one.

  3. I am sorry that you were feeling anxious over the weekend. Hopefully, you are feeling better now?? I really hope you check out yoga this fall- specifically vinyasa power flow yoga (more of an athletic yoga, usually coupled with good music- not too chanty or anything like that)- I think that you would like it and that it will help you relax.


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