Happy Monday

Happy Monday!

I had a perfectly lovely and very lay around weekend.

I took my incredibly stinky Beans to the spa on Saturday morning and then went off without guilt to enjoy Mama's day off, which included cleaning my house in peace, finishing the laundry and getting my facial with the lovely and incredibly marvelous L.A.

I love L.A.  There just isn't much more to say about it!

On Saturday night I went to dinner with my darling friend, Sarah,  and we tried out Blue, uptown in the Hearst building.  I have to say that I had high expectations for Blue and I was underwhelmed.  The food and the service were wonderful, but the overall vibe wasn't there.  The whole thing was just sort of flat to me.  I really think it was the lighting.  It was too dark and too light at the same time and the result is that my eyes were strained.  I think maybe a candle on the table may have made things a little better.  It was fun to valet park the new wheels, though.

Sunday was a lazy and makeup free day (the best kind of Sunday) and I cooked pinto beans and took a long nap.

And I loved on two clean, fluffy and sweet smelling Beans all day.  I think they're a little sick of it.

Oh, well.

Such are the travails of their lives - to be catered to and doted on and smooched within an inch of their pampered and spoiled lives.  And it is my lot to do it to them.

This is going to be a week from hell (I'm afraid).  My boss is gone for vacation and this usually cues the universe to rain down piles of crazy on my head.  Pray for me, won't you?

Oh, and stay tuned.  We are working on updating the blog so it looks a little nicer around here.  I'm hoping by next week we'll have it all up and running.

And have a Happy Monday!
Image:  Tete a tete by Color Me Gifted.

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