Night Driving

What is it about a new car that compels us all to just go..... driving?

And everybody wants to go riding with you.  Just, you know, riding around. 

It is so much fun. 

Wednesday night at around 8:45 I just decided to go out and drive the car around the inner loop.  Just to go do it. 

And so I did.   And I had a great time. 

I used to go out driving at night when I was younger.  Just to do it, to be doing something, to clear my head. 

I had forgotten how fun it can be,  just to drive. 

And the new car makes it really fun, too. 

I love the leather steering wheel and the leather seats.  And the dashboard glows violet, which makes me ridiculously happy. 

I think they put drugs in the 'new car smell'.  They make you take leave of your senses.
Image:  Night Driving No. 1507 by Hendricks & Daughter.

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