Happy Monday

Hi, everyone.  

I don't want it to be Monday already!  I need more weekend.  

Actually, I don't really know what I need at this point.  I know I need something.  I think I need more time, I'm just not sure how to get it.  Right now I feel that I am failing at everything.  

Lola has been very velcro for the past week and it seems to be escalating.  At first I was worried that something is physically wrong with her, but now I think she's suffering from anxiety because we've had so much stuff going on in July.  I've been gone a lot, we've had people in and out; fireworks, thunderstorms..... I think all that and the heat have gotten to her.  She's got hot spots all over her belly and she's literally so underfoot that I've almost fallen over her several times.  I spent all evening Sunday just lying on the couch with her watching the House marathon.  I enjoyed House more than Lola did, and she actually slept through most of it.  Probably because I made her sleep in her E collar on Saturday night to keep her from digging in her hot spots.   That was really hard for me.  I felt like big mean Mommy, but I had to suck it up and do it for her own good.  But I didn't like it. 

Anyway, I'm hoping she'll get over herself soon.  If not, we're gonna have to make our annual, midyear, something's wrong with Lola trip to the vet.

*heavy sigh*  

I have to say, in any event, that I am not sad to see July go.  It has been a very (in many ways) trying month for me and I'm looking forward to a less frenetic pace and some cooler weather.  

Do I sound whiny?  I feel like I may be sounding whiny.  Well, if I am, I'm entitled.  It is, after all, my blog and I try not to do it too often.  

I did have a good time in Asheville on Saturday, although I have to say that I want to like Asheville more than I actually like Asheville.  I'm just not a hippy and it is the hippy capital of North Carolina.  Lots of tattoos and piercings and white girls with dreadlocks.  Can I just tell you that white people who try to have dread locks piss me off?  Well they do.  Dreadlocks are amazingly beautiful but not on white people.  And these girls need to recognize their limitations....  

Sunday morning my darling friend and I had brunch at Soul Gastro Lounge over in Midwood and although I enjoyed the coffee and the view and the company, I don't think it's a brunch place.  It's a go have a drink after work place, but I don't think I'll go back for brunch. 

Anyway, I hope to have a productive work week and some quiet time at home.

Image:  Summer Sherbet by Michele Valdez Photography.


  1. Sorry to hear that Lola is having a tough time. Poor sweet thing! I hate to hear that you think you are failing at everything. It doesn't seem like it from where I sit. I get the sense that you are a bit hard on yourself. It's summer- it's okay to take the pedal off the gas a bit. Also when you wrote last week about feeling alone and like nobody understood you, I meant to tell you that I was sorry that you felt that way. I have felt that way myself and it's a terrible feeling.

  2. Thanks. I'm just having a week, I think.


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