Happy Friday!

It's Friday the 13th.

Big Spooky Friday the Thirteenth!

I have several things to do this weekend.  I have to get a facial.  I am taking the Beans to the dog spa because they are stinky dinky stinky Beans. And I am trying out a new (to me) restaurant on Saturday night.  It's uptown and I believe it to be hip, slick and cool.  I'm not sure if it will be all that, but I have lately discovered that I like being uptown at night so I'm looking forward to it.  

And then on Sunday, I am getting the (old) car cleaned up and I have another massage.

My body has been sore and achy all week.  It really sucks.  It takes a lot out of you to get up and go in this heat when your whole body hurts.   I am hoping that the massage will rub the rest of the soreness out.

Pout pout pout.....

Anyway.... have a great weekend.  Try to stay cool.

And I'll see you on Monday.
Image:  Morning Light on White Hydrangea by Lucy Snowe Photography.

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