Texting in Heels

So I was on my way out of the Courthouse on Monday - walking along, black sheath dress, 4 inch heels, checking my email, minding my own damn business and I hear this voice call out -

"Don't text and walk, ma'am.  It's dangerous!" 

And I look over and it's one of the bailiffs who is working security at the Courthouse.....

First of all, I wasn't texting.  I was checking my email.  And the last time I checked, I am a grown person and it's not illegal to check your email (or text for that matter) while you are walking.  

And I thought "Who is this guy?  Does he think I can't work these heels?  Do I question his ability to use that gun strapped to his hip?  'Cause I know he's not chastising all the men walking out of here checking their emails..." 

I mean, maybe he was trying to be sweet in an ill-conceived Southern way, but I was ill with him.  

I just want y'all to know, although I may not be SJP, I know how to walk in heels and check my email at the same time and I've never hurt myself or anyone else while doing it. 

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