Happy Friday!

Oh, it's Friday again.  I can't believe it.  This week has really flown by.

I am happy to report that things are settling down around here.

I put my head down and churned a whole lot of work out of my office this week and I think if I can keep up this pace I can actually get rid of all the bullshit and actually start practicing law again by the middle of September.....


No, seriously.  I did get a bunch of necessary, if tedious, work done this week and my stress level has dropped considerably.  But that means that all the stuff that's been laying around that, you know, I need to actually think about and pay attention to, still needs to be accomplished.  I'm hopeful I can get it all done by next weekend.  We'll see.  Most of the other lawyers in my office are going to be out on vacation in the next couple of weeks and I am being left behind to mind the farm.  I kind of hate it when that happens.

But, them's the breaks.....

I am also happy to report that I have about gotten Lola just about straightened out.  She had a really miserable rash on her little belly last weekend (my Beans only need medical attention on the weekend, when our vet is closed).  I doctored her up with witch hazel, bactine and left over powder from her last skin rash and we made it through until the vet opened on Monday.  But it was hard on us.  I can't stand to see either of them sick but Lola's worse.  I think because I know she'd hide her suffering from me if she could.  When it gets to the point that she admits she doesn't feel good, it has to be pretty bad.

In any event,  she's on the mend and on antibiotics for the next 3 weeks and we're hopeful it will take care of her and she won't have to go on steroids. 

This weekend's festivities aren't very involved.  I am going to test drive new cars and maybe even get one.  I hate to pay for a car, but it's getting to that point.  The top contenders are the Infiniti G37, a Mercedes C300 or a Honda CRV.  I want to drive them all this weekend and then think about it.  And then I secretly want all the dealerships to call me up and beg and then I'll sell myself to the highest bidder (or the best deal).  I really don't need to buy a car, so I'm hoping that my attitude will help me in negotiations.   As I said, I hate to buy a car but I do love to haggle.

So have a great weekend and try to sleep in a little bit.  And have a little drink.  And take a long, hot bath.

And I'll see you on Monday.
Image:  Sunflower Closeup by Rebecca Plotnick Photography.

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