Happy Monday

Can I just tell y'all that I had a perfect weekend?

'Cause I did.  It was perfect.  The weather was perfect.  I slept.  I hung out with friends.  I shopped a little, puttered in my house and smooched up two Beans and played a lot with them in the sun.

It was really, really beautiful in Charlotte this weekend.  Saturday was a perfectly wonderful spring day and Sunday was even better - 80 degrees and beautiful.

I hope it will be a great week.  The car is mostly fixed but has to go back for a couple of 'tweaks' which I hope they can do in a day.  If not, I may vomit.  Think of me?  Thanks.

Oh - and Ms. Natalie Portman won the Oscar last night and gave a shout out to Mary Helen Bowers!!! That's the only time that somebody that I 'kind' of know has been mentioned on the Oscars!

Thank you all for dropping by!  Let's hope for a great week.


Image: Beginnings by Tracey Capone Photography.

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