The Day We Became Home Owners

We closed on our house on February 28th last year. Afterward, I went and picked up Finn and Lola so they could come with me for our first visit to the house that was now officially ours. One of the first things they noticed was that all our windows are Corgi height which comes in handy when you are on the lookout for Hottentots and marauders.

They also enjoyed running up and down the hall.

And of course, Finny had a good time because having a good time is what he does best. Even though he wasn't quite sure where he was, he sure enjoyed being there.

1 comment:

  1. if we could all just take this lesson from finn ~ enjoy where you are, it is after all, all you have in that moment, even if you don't know where in tarnation you are and enjoy it fully!! i know i try and it is worth the effort!


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