Guest Room Redux

By now ya'll have probably figured out that I am seldom satisfied with the state of my home. I am constantly scheming to make it a little bit better. The guest room is one of my biggest challenges.

In my experience, guest rooms have often been uncomfortable. This is the room where others house the uncomfortable mattress, the mismatched furniture, the sheets they got as a gift and have never actually washed and the lumpy pillows that they got, somewhere, over the past few years (few people actually know where the pillows on their guest beds came from). Often the air is stale and the furniture is dusty.

I have slept on lumpy mattresses, flat pillows, scratchy sheets and, on at least one occasion, with a metal bar pressing into the middle of my back. One time my pillowcase was so covered with my host's cat's hair I actually had to turn the pillowcase inside out. No really, I was just glad she was kind enough to give me a place to sleep.... really. My severe cat allergy really isn't that bad.

Believe me, there is nothing worse than laying awake all night in a strange place - hot, uncomfortable and miserable. I know. I've done it.

Therefore, guest comfort is of the utmost importance to me. I want my guests to feel welcome, adored and pampered.

This is my justification for redoing the guest room. As you can see, it went from brown to light. I love it! It's like being in a cloud.

Here is a closeup of the head of the bed. Don't ya just want to crawl in there?

One of the coolest things for me (and I know I'm a big, fat design geek) is that the guest room bedding now matches the guest bathroom towels and shower curtain.

Isn't that cool? Aren't you buzzing and charmed? I thought you would bee.

See there? I'm so happy I even made a little pun.

The guest bathroom accoutrement were given to me as a housewarming gift by my dear and darling friends at work. Aren't they great? And notice the lovely monogram in the middle of my shower curtain. I did that. And when I said "I did that" I actually meant I took it over to Alphabet Soup and told them to do that. It really makes a difference, though, doesn't it?

Remember, a simple thing like a monogram can elevate a run of the mill shower curtain from Target. It makes it special and unique and that is always charming.

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