It's The Fall That Will Kill You

During the ten months that I waited from the time I signed the contract until the time I closed on the house, I didn't give a lot of thought to the actual moving. At the time, I thought it was because I had bigger fish to fry. Now I know I was in denial.

The move, ya'll, was ugly.

Thankfully, I don't actually have any pictures of it - which is good because I don't think I could look at them, even if I had them.

We do have some shots of the "house in progress" complete with newly delivered furniture and painter's tape.

Here are the new chairs I bought for the living room. I felt like such a grownup when I bought them. They are elegant and I like that about them.

Here's the new couch that was delivered for the sunroom. I love this picture because even though I hadn't moved, had no food in the house and no bed to sleep in, I managed to accessorize the couch and find some coffee table books for the table.

And finally, here is my stack of uninstalled window blinds. Their purchase and the ensuing headache of having them installed prompted my darling friend - who is much younger than me - to remark "When I get ready to buy a house, I'm going to buy a 'used' one so that I don't have to install blinds."

Ain't that a cotton picken' mouthful?

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