IKEA Countdown

I wanna buy enough RIBBA frames to do this in my guest room......

Can you imagine how much I would cuss trying to get them straight? Believe me, it'll be a lotta cussin'.

The Observer reports that the City of Charlotte has installed traffic control measures for Wednesday's IKEA Grand Opening.

They are expecting Race Day like traffic - for those of you without NASCAR in your backyard, that means a LOT of cars. Residents are advised to use Interstate 85 and follow the signs. Yeah, we never would have figured that out. Thanksalotmeanitbye.

It is my understanding that people are camping out.

I am not quite sure it is THAT good.

If you're going and you've never been before, my advice to you is to rest up and take plenty of water. Hydration is key. Also? If you could leave your small children at home, that would help out a lot. They'll just slow you down.

A bunch of us are going on Saturday and my friend suggested that we wait until lunch and hope there's a lull.


  1. I still think that if we don't go first thing in the morning, it might be better. Don't pick. :)

  2. Everyone that I have talked to has some sort of plan to find a lull and avoid the crowd.


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