Thanks For the Memories

This week we're counting down to the first anniversary of closing on the house. Here are some pictures from our final walk through before closing.

Here's a shot of my dinette area. This lovely light fixture made me twitch and one of the first things I did was rip.it.down. It was literally so ugly I could barely stand it. The blue tape? That's where the builder had to touch up the paint and fix the nail pops.

In case you haven't been involved in buying a newly constructed house, nail pops are a thing. We'll talk more about that later.

Here's the living room and fireplace, before paint and curtains. I'm a little startled by how Builder's Beige it was. Even though the paint colors I've chosen are very light, they make quite a difference, I think. Most of the lower level of my house is painted "Tuscan Beige" by Behr. In my opinion this is the greatest paint color - ever! It is quite neutral but during the day when the room is filled with sun it has a beautiful pale pink undertone. I don't think a man would ever look at it and know it was pink, but every female who's ever been in here noticed it. I, however, get a great deal of happiness in the thought of living in a little pink house - and when I say "house" in my mind I think "Palais", just so ya know.

Here's a shot of the kitchen before the refrigerator was delivered. In fact, at this point, I didn't even own a refrigerator. After the walk through I went to HHGregg and bought one. And if you are in need of an appliance or a piece of electronic equipment, go on over to HHGregg. They don't pay me but they have consistently provided excellent service.

Finally, here's a shot of the sunroom, again, glaringly Builder's Beige. After consultation with the decorator, we painted the sunroom a color that is actually about two shades darker than the rest of the downstairs. Since there is so much light in there and we opted for minimal window treatments, the darker color is sublty different during the day but it creates a level of interest that I don't think would be there had we painted it all the same. As I've said before, small decisions can make a big impact in your beautiful home.

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  1. #1. i cannot believe it has been
    a year. i miss you here.
    #2. tuscan beige should be
    renamed, THE perfect color.


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