The Ugly Chair

Here is the ugly chair. I got it at a yard sale about 10 years ago and I paid $10.00 for it.

I slip-covered it in $5 worth of fabric that I found on the sale table at the fabric shop and it's been an occasional chair around the house ever since. Most recently it is living as a desk chair in the spare bedroom.

Underneath it's tea rose slip-cover, it is covered in beige naugahyde.

Let me say that again....



That's right. Many naugas died to make this chair. I am sure ya'll are stunned that I covered it up!

Here's a closeup of the naugahyde, along with an attractive blemish. Isn't it lovely?

Last week, Darren, from The Upholstery Shop in Lincolnton, came to my house and took the ugly chair away. Today, he brought it back, reupholstered in shiny white faux alligator vinyl!

Can you believe it???

I'd like to say I had this idea totally on my own, but actually, it came from Domino Magazine. They did a story on a lady who covered an antique camel back sofa in white faux ostrich vinyl. The juxtaposition was so completely cool that I have always remembered it and when I decided to redo the ugly chair, faux ostrich was my first thought. Then I saw the faux alligator. You know I never met a faux reptile I didn't love!

Let the ugly chair be a lesson to you. If you find a cool piece with good lines, grab it. If you play your cards right you'll end up with a one-of-a-kind piece and a story to tell.

Oh, and make sure you call Darren. He rocks.

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