The Worst Fetchers in the World

We went over to play in the grass this morning. There is a little lawn over at Coca Cola headquarters where we go to run off the leash.

We played Stick in the Grass. Other dog owners refer to this game as "fetch" but Finn and Lola reject the premise.

Stick in the Grass goes like this: We find a stick - this step is cause for great excitement. Lots of jumping around and barking.

Next, I throw the stick and Finn and Lola run after it as fast as they can. Upon reaching the stick, Finn lays down beside it and waits and Lola runs back to me as fast as possible.

I then have to walk over to the stick (while being herded by Lola) and then I throw it back the other way and we repeat it until they are too tired to chase.

They are the worst fetchers in the whole world.

1 comment:

  1. or they are the best...they trained you well (;


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