The Black Swan - Or My Close Personal Brush With Greatness

So, you have probably all seen LOTS of publicity for Natalie Portman's new movie, Black Swan.

Those of you who are from Charlotte know that we can find the 'Charlotte connection' for just about everything from 9/11 to the Tsunami. 

Well, we've got a Charlotte connection for Black Swan and not only is it a Charlotte connection, but it's a Bee Charmer-ish connection, as well.

You may have read that Natalie trained for almost a year before filming this movie and was trained by a former ballerina with the New York City Ballet, Mary Helen Bowers.

Mary Helen (and yes, it's Mary Helen not 'Mary' - it's a thing) is originally from Charlotte and is the sister-in-law of my darling friend and former co-worker, the charming Mrs. Bowers.  Mrs. Bowers is married to Mary Helen's brother - who is also my friend.  For reals.  I'm going to their Christmas party this weekend. 

Although I don't like to brag, I personally attended a backyard BBQ with Mary Helen many years ago.  Just sayin'.

Anyway - if you see the movie just remember that Natalie's ballet performance was helped along by one of our very own!

Here's a picture of Natalie and Mary Helen at the L.A. premier of Black Swan:

Cool, right? 

I know people who know people who know 'Natalie'.  (We're all on a pretend first name basis with 'Natalie' now....)

As David Letterman would say - a close personal brush with greatness. 

And here's a free plug - which I feel obligated to mention since I'm shamelessly dropping names here - Mary Helen has launched a new exercise program based on ballet called Ballet Beautiful.  You can go here and check it out.


  1. Now THAT truly is a brush with greatness ;)

  2. Um, yeah. My friend's sister-in-law knows Natalie Portman. OOOHHHH AHHHHH.

  3. Well I'm REALLY bad b/c last night I found myself saying "well, I know someone whose friend's sister (okay, I got it wrong) knows Natalie Portman. They asked who this person was I knew, and I promptly replied "a blog friend" and walked into the next room :) So YOUR brush with greatness is being passed on.

    AND...we are all DYING to see Black Swan, of course.

  4. Bwah! I think we should all capitalize on our connection (however tenuous) to Natalie Portman. I'm sure she'd be thrilled to know we're all dropping her name. Mary Helen also trains Jack White's wife (White Stripes) do we can use that one, too. I can't remember her name but she's the redheaded St. John's model. I know somebody who knows somebody who knows Jack White's wife.


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