Happy Friday!


How was the week?  Ready for the weekend? 

We are officially kicking off Christmas here at Chateau Bee Charmer this weekend. 

The tree is going up, decorations are being put out, carols are being played - we're planning on being up to our bunny butts in tinsel by Monday morning. 

I'm spending Saturday shopping and running around the Q.C. with my darling Rebecca before heading off to a Christmas party at Mrs. Bowers' house on Saturday night. I still have no idea what I'm wearing.  I may need to run by Talbots and look for a little sparkly something to wear.  You know - festive and all that.  Otherwise, I'm buying ornaments and stuff and *hopefully, fingers crossed* getting some of my more difficult Christmas shopping finished up.  I'm in pretty good shape with it, but I still need a few things. 

On Sunday I'm going to clean and putter and am having friends over for dinner, including The New Mrs. Barr and Teresa-Bug.  We're going to re-do the risotto from Thanksgiving, among other things.  I suspect that wine will be involved and this spiked white chocolate pudding I make with Baileys Irish Cream. 

Is it bad that I have taken something as innocent as chocolate pudding and spiked it with alcohol?  I say no.  There has to be some upside to being a grown up.  Alcohol is one of those up sides. 

I am also a little sad this weekend.  Elizabeth Edwards' death has just broken my heart.  I was out the other night when I got word that she was gone and I burst into tears, which I wasn't expecting.  I will be praying for her family and loved ones on Saturday - I wish them comfort and the Peace of God. 

And I'd really like to figure out a time to go see The Tourist....   Feed my Johnny Depp lust.  I don't see how that's gonna happen, though.   Maybe one night next week. 

So anyway - have a great weekend.  Party your tinsel off.  Have some spiked pudding.

And I'll see you on Monday.
Image:  Wintry by Taken by Storm.


  1. Looking forward to dinner, but more importantly the company.

  2. Sounds fun! Love to all three of you!

  3. Sounds like a very fun weekend! Enjoy your spiked pudding, and have a few cocktails for me, too xx

  4. I want to come to Chateau Bee Charmer s'il vous plait! It sounds like a lovely weekend ahead. I'm very jelous of your spiked pudding. Perhaps I should try to make some of my own....

  5. You can come anytime you want, and Louis, too. Pudding is easy. Make instant chocolate (or white chocolate) pudding as per directions. Put some cool whip in it to 'mousse' it up and Bailey's Irish Cream to taste. I serve it in bowls with a little Milano cookie garnish.


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