Happy Friday!


This has been a wonderful birthday week!

Thank all of you for stopping by and for leaving sweet birthday wishes for me.  I so appreciate all of you and I'm so happy that you're all out there.  It makes me happy to think of you.

In other news, I think I've eaten everything that it has been possible for me to eat this week including Chinese, Thai, Mexican, French, Cheeseburgers, Fig Newtons and Chick Fil A.  I'm gonna have to buy new pants before this is over!

This weekend I'm headed to my sister's baby shower on Saturday.  We're just about ready to get us a new nephew here at Chateau Bee Charmer.  I want y'all all to join me in praying that he has red hair.  I've been the only one for too, too long!

So have a great weekend.  Enjoy the shopping and the decorating and the preparations for the coming holiday.  Snuggle down and have some hot chocolate.

And I'll see you on Monday!
Image:  Happy Birthday Balloons by Jane Heller Photography.

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