Happy Monday


I hope everyone had a happy weekend before Christmas.  Mine was not as productive as I had hoped but I did manage to get everything wrapped and ready to ship. 

I also picked up the house a bit and finished all the laundry. 

Oh - and I saw The Tourist.  I know it got bad reviews but I have to say that I really liked it.  It was silly and escapist and that's what I wanted it to be so I have no complaints.  And did I mention Johnny Depp.  You know if he's there I just feel like it would be pretty impossible for me not to have a good time. 

I'm hoping this week is slow and easy.  Having said that, some shit will probably explode in my office.  But then again, it is Christmas.  Hopefully, everyone is like the court system - mostly on vacation.

xo - Tonya
Image:  Paris Christmas Lights by Electrorouge.

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