Public Service Announcement

I meant to talk about this before - and then I forgot about it.

As you all know, this Bean has had hot spots all summer.  They make her miserable.  And when she's miserable, I'm miserable.

Thanksgiving weekend, she had another one and that's when I remembered what I forgot to say before.

During her hot spot troubles, we've been back and forth to the Vet repeatedly.  She's been on benadryl and she has medicated powder and all that is fine in the long term.  However, when she's in the midst of it and she is so itchy and dying to scratch there has been nothing to offer her any relief.

Until now.

That's right.

In September, in my desperation, I tried Vagisil wipes on her little self and they have saved us!  Not the cream (I know nothing about the cream and I am not in any way suggesting it be used.  I would NEVER use the cream.  I am only talking about the medicated wipes).  The main reason that I thought about the Vagisil is that her last major hotspot was around her little vulva (I can't believe I'm talking about Lola's 'vulva').

Up until that point, we'd been using Bactine - which was really only marginally effective.  But since I wouldn't want to spray Bactine on myself down there, I didn't want to spray it on her.  I thought of the Vagisil wipes for itching so I thought I'd try them.  They soothed her immediately and quieted the itching - which allowed her to be comfortable and heal.  In all our time dealing with these things I have never had anything - prescription or otherwise - which has offered her such immediate, soothing and long lasting relief from her hot spots. 

I Googled the active ingredient in Vagisil wipes and it is Promoxine Hydrochloride.  Then I Googled Promoxine Hydrochloride to make sure it was safe for canines and it turned out that it is the exact same ingredient in prescription canine veterinary sprays for itching.

When she starts a hot spot,  I clean the area with a warm wet cloth and get as much goop off as possible.  Then I use the Vagisil wipes and wipe the whole area thoroughly for about 60 seconds.  She immediately relaxes when I do this, so I know it makes her feel better.  Also, the wipes are soft and non-irritating.  Then I pat it all dry and put her prescription powder on her.  

This is for all you doggie mamas out there - and remember, this is just our experience.

Normally, I am not at all in favor of 'home remedies' for animals and I honestly only tried this after having spent so much time at the Vet only to have her turn up sick on a weekend and we were miserable!  I was just stunned by how immediately it seemed to soothe her and then it lasted for several hours.

So if your baby pup has a hot spot or an itch maybe it can help you, too.


  1. Aren't I? Bless her heart and her little irritated coochie!

  2. Thank goodness she can't read. I don't think she would appreciate her vulva being discussed either. However, I am glad you found some relief as I know there is nothing worse than a suffering pet. It is heartbreaking.

  3. wow... I would have never thought of that! My corgi baby gets hot spots real bad durning summer, and the powder stuff from the vet does ok. But now I have a better solution. Thank you!


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