The Weekly Bean

Thanksgiving morning turned up gloomy and rainy - just as I had hoped.

And I was sitting here in my house, happy and warm and it occurred to me that I had two dirty, stinky Beans and time on my hands.

So I took a notion to bathe them.  That's what you do in West Virginia - you 'take a notion'.

Colloquially, we call it Making Bean Soup.  Me and Finn and Lola that is, not West Virginia.  

Lola took it as well as one could hope, which meant that she willingly came upstairs and wasn't overly obstinate while in the tub...

She's like "Really?  You're really gonna take my picture now?"

She went first because, after a little discussion, it was their belief that Finn went first last time.  Since I couldn't remember the last time I bathed them (as opposed to the spa) I took their word for it and threw this Bean into the tub.  

This is her impression of Meryl Streep in 'The French Lieutenant's Woman'.

When his turn came, Finn tried to avoid his fate by slunking down in the corner of the bathroom and looking pitiful. It's never worked before, but he keeps trying.

Once in the tub, he's pretty good.  He just stands there and waits for it to be over, which actually makes him much easier than Lola, who spends all her time constantly backing up into the far back corner of the tub and having to be scooched back up or sitting when you want her to stand or standing when you'd prefer that she sit.  Like I said, obstinate. 

Here he is - bitter and pathetic and ready to get out.

And wrapped up like a fuzzy Finn burrito.

I, for one, remembered why I don't bathe them at home anymore.  This ended up being a whole 2 day deal, by the time they were bathed and dried and brushed out and brushed out again and the vacuum was run 4 times to suck up all the unbrushable fuzz that seemed happier to fall out on it's own.  Oh, and my back killed me.  And the tub had to be scrubbed.  And the towels washed. 

I suppose they got the last laugh.

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