This Charming Closet

I am so currently lusting for Rebecca Minkoff bags....

I would love to find these under my tree:

The Nikki - which I love for it's slouchiness and it's hardware.  The other night, I actually dreamed about the studs on the bottom of this bag.
And the MAC Clutch - which I would love to carry while shopping around on the weekends.  So beautiful.  The little latch on the front just kills me.

I've been really nice this year so maybe Santa will reward me?  


  1. Did you see that the Tory Burch leather shorts are on sale? I didn't check their availability ...

  2. I saw that but I think the urge has passed. Which is both good and bad, in a way.

  3. Oh I love that first bag. It's fabulous!

  4. I know. I'm praying for an 'after Christmas' sale.


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